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Express Manicure $15

This quick manicure includes nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle detail, full hand, and forearm massage, and is finished with your choice of polish.

Deluxe Manicure $28

This manicure includes a hydrating exfoliation with a sugar scrub, paraffin treatment, massage with oil rich in vitamins to hydrate dry hands, and your choice of polish.

Gel Manicure $30

This is a Classic Manicure that is finished with a gel polish application. The gel polish lasts for approximately 10-14 days with no smudging and chipping. It also requires no drying time, thereby leaving your nails shiny and glossy until polish removal.



Express Pedicure $30

Crafted for persons who are on the move, this pedicure provides quick rejuvenation for your legs.

Lime Margarita Pedicure $40

Lime contains alpha-hydroxy acids which help slough off dead cells so that youthful skin is revealed. Antioxidants in it help fight against any infection, while it also helps to avoid any pigmentation problems and keep the skin smooth. This pedicure, with the goodness of lime, includes a callus treatment, sugar scrub, mud mask, hot towel wraps, and paraffin treatment.

Lavender Pedicure $50

Relax your feet with calming lavender products and enjoy callus removal, nail cleansing with lemon, fresh sugar scrub, refreshing foot gel, vitamin E mask, steamed towels, and paraffin wax treatment.

Green Tea Pedicure $55

Refresh your feet in green tea and smoothen your heels with green tea cream. Enjoy this pedicure with original products. The treatment also includes callus removal, nail cleansing with lemon, green tea mask, steamed towels, and paraffin wax treatment.

Cucumber Pedicure $55

Enjoy this refreshing pedicure that comes with callus removal, nail cleansing, fresh sugar scrub, refreshing foot gel, vitamin E mask, steamed towels, and paraffin wax treatment.

Aloe Vera Pedicure $60

Reinvigorate your feet and smoothen your heels in aloe vera products with callus removal, nail cleansing with lemon, aloe vera mask, steamed towels, and paraffin wax treatment.

Heavenly Spa Pedicure $70

* Reward your feet with this innovative treatment. We will begin by submerging your feet in a refreshing bath completed with orange, lemon, and lime slices and our flowers of the day. As you bask in serenity, we will remove any calluses on your heels and dead skin cells. A warm lavender paraffin treatment will moisturize your legs and feet. Finally, a volcanic stone massage and the application of our special lotion will complete your heavenly experience.

* Please choose your pedicure:

Milk & Honey Pedicure

Bathe your feet in milk and smoothen your heels with honey butter in this pedicure. Enjoy organic honey and milk products along with callus removal, nail cleansing with lemon, honey milk mask, steamed towels, and paraffin wax treatment.

Chocolate Pedicure 

Warm-up to this relaxing pedicure! Relax and enjoy the natural moisturizing and antioxidant properties of chocolate! We start with a warm, creamy. and delicious chocolate foot soak, followed by a rich, and sugar vanilla foot scrub. A hydrating moisture mask and hot towel treatment are done, followed by our soothing foot and leg massage featuring our rich chocolate body butter. For the person on the run, it is a great treatment for a quick pick-me-up that includes classic nail care and tangerine sugar scrub.

Tropical Citrus

Need a getaway? Begin the tropical retreat experience that utilizes the healing properties of the sea salt of tropical fruit to hydrate the feet.

Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure $80

* A super hydrating, aromatherapeutic treatment packed with vitamins and minerals to promote beautiful, healthy-looking skin. The feet are cleansed with a mineral enriched, fragranced flower soak, followed by a warming citrus grass salt scrub to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin. Then some special treatments like hot-stone, paraffin, and calf massage will help you relax your feet.

* Please choose your pedicure:

Champagne Spa Pedicure 

A delicious, fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the vine. The Champagne Pedicure using champagne along with Fruit Acids designed to gently remove dead skin cells and calluses. The enzyme removes the top layer leaving a younger-looking, smoother skin.

Holiday Season Pedicure

Now you can enjoy your pedicures which have different scrub and mask, that feeling like a different holiday. Other popular holiday scents lend themselves to pedicures including fruit, flower, and wine. We blend together different lotions to create a unique scent in our salon. We mix scents like coffee and tropical, strawberry, and aloe vera. It feels like a holiday right in the shop. You will love it.



Super Signature Annie's Nails Pedicure $100

Slip into a state of total relaxation with our detailed pedicure. Your experience includes a stimulating massage with a mixed scrub to invigorate sore, tired feet, smooth rough areas, and eliminate calluses. Enjoy a total state of bliss as warm volcanic stones are massaged luxuriously from heel to knee followed by reflexology to increase relaxation and release energy. Complete your experience with a velvety smooth moisture cream and paraffin.



French Finish $5
Regular Nail Art (Two) $5
Regular Polish Change (Hands) $8
Gel Polish/Acrylic Soak Off $10
Regular Polish Change (Toes) $10
Gel Add On Pedicure $20 / $30
Gel Polish Change On Hands $20
Gel Polish Change On Toes $30